Stearns Boat Covers

The Stearns range includes these popular models:

Stearms Hurricane™ 300 Denier Polyester Canvas Boat Covers

STEARNS best quality boat covers combine their universal fitting system with the tough 300 denier polyester Marine Canvas with up to a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

Stearns SilverMAX Polyester Trailerable Boat Covers

The lighter-weight Stearns Silver-tech polyester fabric won’t shrink or stretch and resists fading from UV rays. This unique fabric is coated for maximum water resistance and repellency.  It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty and Stearns suggest it is a suitable trailerable boat cover.

Stearns StormPro Boat Covers

STEARNS® high strength StormPro polyester marine canvas boat cover is ideal for highway-speed towing as well as long-term boat storage. This model comes with a five year warranty and will resist shrinking, stretching and fading. A special coating repels water and resists dirt and stains, UV damage and mildew.

Stearns Hurricane Boat Covers

Hurricane polyester canvas is tougher than regular cotton canvas and resists shrinking, stretching and fading from the sun. Like other Stearns boat covers the Hurricane includes an elastic cord sewn into the bottom hem to ensure a custom fit. Hurricane boat covers come with a four year warranty.

Stearns StormPro Boat Cover

Stearns Hurricane Boat Cover 

stearns stormpro boat cover stearns hurricane boat cover
PRICE: from $94.95 + free shipping PRICE: from $107.95 + free shipping
Cover your vessel with a high quality, long-lasting StormPro Boat Cover. The StormPro not only keeps your craft safe and pampered during long-term storage, it counters the destructive forces generated during highway-speed towing and provides durable all-weather protection.

  • Heavy-duty boat cover for long-term storage and highway towing
  • Designed to fit most V-hulls, runabouts, ski boats & bass boats
  • Crafted from polyester StormPro Marine Canvas for durability and all-weather protection
  • Coated fabric repels water and resists dirt, stains, mildew and UV damage—won’t shrink, fade or stretch


Keep your boat in safe harbor with a Hurricane Boat Cover. Whether you store your craft in the garage or stow it out on the side driveway, the Stearns Hurricane Boat Cover keeps your vessel covered.

  • Perfect all-season boat cover for long-term storage
  • Designed to fit the most popular V-hulls, tri-hulls, ski boats and bass boats up to 22′ long
  • Crafted from tough polyester Hurricane Canvas—stronger than ordinary cotton canvas
  • 4-year warranty


Fabric of a Stearns Boat Cover

Boat covers are manufactured to suit different purposes. Stearns boat covers are highly engineered and very rugged which makes them suitable for trailering and highway travel.

You will find that every universal fit Stearns boat cover has space for accessories such as running lights and motors. Made from high quality marine grade polyester canvas, they are guaranteed not to stretch or shrink and they are known as some of the most durable and hard wearing covers today. They are highly resistant to most weather conditions and as well as being 100% waterproof, they are also resistant to mildew and fading from UV rays and they come with a 5-year warranty.

Cost of a Stearns Boat Cover

A huge benefit with purchasing a Stearns boat cover is that they are very economical. Because they are universal covers each of the five styles available will fit multiple boats and this means that it is a set price for any one of these covers.

You can expect to pay from $50 to $400+ depending on the size, which is excellent value for money. Depending on the style and fabric, a Stearns boat cover comes with a manufacturer’s warranty from one to five years.

Due to its quality, a Stearns boat cover will last for years to come. Whatever happens, leaving your boat uncovered will cost a lot more in the long run than if you use a quality boat cover.


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