Owning a boat can bring pleasure to many people and buying a boat can be the fulfilment of a dream, and you and your family will spend many happy days on board your vessel. However, anyone who’s owned a boat can attest to the fact that the greatest days in boat ownership are the day you buy your boat and the day you sell it!

A boat can become an entertainment centre to celebrate an important occasion with someone special. Owning a boat is an exciting experience, however, to make sure that it remains an exciting and fun experience you will need to spend time properly maintaining it. This is where you will find the use of a boat cover invaluable.

A boat cover is designed to protect your boat from airborne debris plus all that nature can throw at it. Any boat left unattended will quickly begin to deteriorate and display damage from exposure to sun, rain, wind and dust. If you buy a boat cover you can potentially increase the longevity of your boat by fifty per cent, compared to a boat that is left uncovered.

One of our satisfied customers is Any Boat, Sydney’s leading charter boat agency. They are agents for over 150 boats Australia wide and regularly use our covers to protect their boats. One of their iconic vessels is La Dolce Vita, a classic 26-foot wooden Italian speedboat.

What Type Of Boat Cover Is Best For Your Boat?

There are many types of boat covers on the market. The boat cover best suited to your vessel will depend on the following:

  • The design and model of boat you have
  • How and where your boat will be stored
  • Whether the cover has to withstand highway towing
  • The type of weather your boat will generally be exposed to

The best boat cover is one that allows you to cover the boat completely; hence it needs to be cut to allow it to accommodate center console, mast, rails, etc. This is why many people prefer to buy a custom fit boat cover that is designed to fit snugly and accommodate all accessories on the boat.

There are many popular fabrics for making boat covers. Alternating waver and non-waver polyester is frequently used and produces excellent boat covers. Marine canvas is is also ideal for boat covers. The more rugged the boat cover the better. Boats that are stored outdoors and towed require more rugged covers than those that are stored under cover or only left unattended for short periods.

It is important to ensure that the boat cover you use is totally waterproof. There are many hi-tech breathable materials available today that allow the moisture that accumulates on the boat to evaporate (and hence keep the boat dry). Some covers will also protect your boat from ultraviolet rays which will assist in keeping the paintwork looking fresh when the boat is stored in the open.


Before you buy a boat cover to best fit your boat check out all the available materials and the associated costs. Choose the cover that gives you best value for money taking into consideration the fit, the protection that your boat requires and the cost.