Trailerable Boat Cover

boat coverNot all trailer boat covers are created equal. You may think that a storage boat cover would also be suitable for trailering a boat when, in fact, a cover designed mainly for a boat in storage is unlikely to be able to withstand the rigors of highway travel. The three main features that will set a trailerable boat cover apart from a storage cover are thickness of material, tie down straps, and a close fit.

Material Thickness

If you’re in the market for a trailerable boat cover the first thing to consider is the thickness or weight of the material. There are manufacturers that will suggest that 150 denier polyester covers are tough enough to handle trailering a boat. This material thickness may be suitable for storage, but a trailerable boat cover requires a heavier grade of polyester. Both Hurricane Boat Covers and StormPro Boat Covers are suitable for trailer boats.

A 300 denier polyester is a much more durable thickness. It is strong enough to provide protection against sun, rain, snow and dust but is still breathable enough to prevent moisture damage to your boat. Three hundred denier will cost more but you’ll be glad you made the decision. For ultimate protection choose heavy duty 600 denier fabric.

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Tie Down Straps

Tie down straps vary for each boat cover. Inspect the tie down system for efficiency. Tie downs that wrap over the top of the boat will provide secure coverage without the risk of a ripped hook or eyelet. If you choose a boat cover with eyelets, make sure they are reinforced. Also make sure that no metal parts are likely to come in contact with the boat. The eyelet and straps can rub against your boat and scratch it if they are poorly positioned.  Make sure that any buckles or metal eyelets cannot rub against the hull.

Tie down straps should have very little give in them. Bungee cord or stretchable rope won’t hold the cover on tight enough to be secure. Use at least four full tie downs to fully secure your boat cover, and make sure there are no loose straps that can get caught in the trailer wheels or flap in the wind.

Secure Fit

When you’re traveling on the road your cover must stay in place. An adjustable elastic hem will help to hold the cover and avoid loose corners. Measure your boat accurately to get the closest possible fit.

When choosing a universal boat cover, your boat is measured from bow to stern but not over the windshield. Measure from side to side at the widest part of the boat to get the beam measurement. Choose the cover that most closely matches the dimensions of your boat. With the elastic or adjustable hem, you can get a custom fit with a universal boat cover.


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  1. Bob Gibbs June 26, 2014 at 1:54 pm #

    Need Cover for 10.5′ Dinghy (LOA: 10’6″; Beam 55″, Overlap/drop: 6″).
    Shaped like Trinka or Walker Bay 10.
    Please send specs & prices, shipping to ZIP 27889
    Thanks BG

  2. boater June 26, 2014 at 7:06 pm #

    Hi Bob,

    Auto Anything have a range of covers that may be suitable:

    Empire Covers currently have a 15% off promotion and they may have a suitable cover:

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