Pontoon Boat Covers

If you are a pontoon boat owner you already know that you will have to invest money in a series of add-ons for your boat. And, if you have never owned a boat before you should start considering those add-ons before you buy your boat.

The best prices in any model of boat cover are usually found online. We recommend AutoAnything for their range of Classic Accessories Hurricane Pontoon Boat Covers with 4-year warranty and Classic Accessories top-of-the-line StormPro Pontoon Boat Cover with 5-year warranty.

Stearns StormPro Pontoon Boat Cover

Stearns Hurricane Pontoon Boat Cover 

stearns stormpro pontoon boat cover stearns hurricane pontoon boat cover
PRICE: from $327.95 + free shipping PRICE: from $263.95 + free shipping
Cover your vessel with the heavy-duty, long-lasting StormPro Pontoon Boat Cover. The StormPro not only keeps your craft safe and pampered during long-term storage, it counters the destructive forces generated during highway-speed towing.

  • Heavy-duty pontoon cover for long-term storage and highway towing
  • Designed to fit the most popular pontoon boats on the water
  • Crafted from polyester StormPro Marine Canvas for durability and all-weather protection
  • Coated fabric repels water and resists dirt, stains, mildew and UV damage—won’t shrink or stretch


Keep your pontoon boat in safe harbor with the Hurricane Pontoon Boat Cover. Whether you store your craft in the garage or stow it out on the side driveway, the Stearns Hurricane Pontoon Boat Cover keeps your vessel covered.

  • Perfect all-season pontoon boat cover for long-term storage
  • Designed to fit the most popular pontoon boats on the water
  • Crafted from tough polyester Hurricane Canvas—stronger than ordinary cotton canvas
  • 4-year warranty


Of all of the additional equipment you may need for your boat, the most important are related to safety and maintenance. Especially if you consider that the environment in which a pontoon boat usually travels is often heavily damaging. Humidity, dirt and dust, water borne insects and sunlight can wreak havoc on your beautiful new boat. So, how can you protect it? The answer is a boat cover.

A pontoon boat cover can be found at your local marina although it’s possible that they won’t have the model you are looking for. With so many manufacturers and models they can’t stock everything, but they should be able to assist you in locating your pontoon boat cover. They only need the brand and model of your boat and they can show you the different choices in material and color that are available.

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