Outboard Motor Cover

outboard engine coverIf you own a boat with an outboard motor you’ll know how important it is to protect your motor when it is not in use. There are times when an effective outboard motor cover is actually even more crucial than a boat cover, since the electrics and mechanics of the motor may be quickly broken by a piece of highway trash when trailering, water in the air intake valves or excessive exposure to UV rays.

Highway particles caught inside a boat’s engine while it is being trailered can result in major repair bills. Ultra violet rays stream down upon the engine case, ultimately leading to cracking of the housing. Water must be kept away from the motor’s intake valves. The correct outboard motor cover should eliminate these concerns as well as extend the life expectancy of the engine.

There are a number of kinds of outboard engine covers to choose from, depending on where your boat is kept. In all circumstances, the actual measurements and length associated with the outboard motor cover should match up snugly to the engine itself. Take measurements ahead of purchasing.

A well-made outboard motor cover will protect the motor from the top of the housing to the bottom of the propeller. This is the most beneficial cover to use for trailering your boat, to keep small stones, road litter or other unwanted objects from getting into the motor or chipping the case. This is also a useful cover for dry storage, to keep out the greatest amount of dust and debris.

A partial outboard engine cover shields only the top portion of the engine. This is a practical option for a vessel that remains moored in the water and does not require protection for the propeller and shaft. This style of cover will keep the intake valves dry and block ultra-violet rays.

An engine carrying case is actually a soft, cushioned bag intended for moving around a smaller outboard engine. Some styles are as small as the motor and leave an opening for the propeller to stick out. Other styles are formed to accommodate the propeller as well. In the event that the engine and case are stored under shelter, ultra violet resistance is not really important for this particular kind of boat engine cover.

High-latitude boaters may experience difficulty starting the engine on a chilly morning. Nevertheless, for boat operators such as the US Coast Guard and Canadian Navy, heated boat engine covers guarantee quick starting. A few manufacturers provide this modern technology to the public. Plugs are obtainable in different voltages and will keep an engine warm and ready to start, whether moored in the water or stored on land.


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