Maxum Boat Covers

Trailerable boat covers from $99

Every boat needs a cover, and Maxum boat covers are available in a range of fabrics, colors and prices. But is shopping online for a Maxum boat cover practical? Or is it better to go to a marine dealership? Even at a boating store, it is rare to find the ideal cover on the shelf. Salespeople can explain the available options, but they will usually have to order it from a factory. Online, you can see every option, but asking questions may involve a long email conversation.

Shopping For Boat Covers Online

Many websites sell Maxum boat covers in a variety of colors and fabrics. However, because Maxum does not sell directly to the public, you must go to another manufacturer or dealer of covers. When shopping online for Maxum boat covers, just like for anything else, you must research your options and know the reputation of the online seller.


Figuring out what you need is more than knowing your boat’s model and year. Is a custom cover, one sewn specifically for your make, model, and year important to you? Or would the lower price of a semi-custom cover, made for your general size and type of boat, be a better idea? Learn about different materials like polyester, cotton, blend, and sunbrella acrylics. Each one has different weights, weaves, and advantages in various climates.

Ordering online is generally very safe, but do yourself a favor by double-checking a merchant’s reputation before you give a credit card number. A reputable online store will always provide its physical address and a phone number. And comb the Internet for any information about the company by searching for the site’s name and a keyword like “review” or “rate”.

Boating Dealerships

Good dealers can order Maxum boat covers from the manufacturer. Maxum has a list of recommended dealers, sorted by zip code, at their website.

Before you go to a boating store, recommended by Maxum or not, call first to find out if anything is in stock or to make sure they can order what you need. Ask for some information about the fabrics, colors, and models that are available. Find out what kind of fees they charge to make this order and if they will ship to your house. If you are satisfied with all the answers, visit the dealership. If not, try calling another.

Speaking with a real salesperson is especially helpful if you have a lot of questions about Maxum boat covers. The time spent at a dealership will save you time researching on the Internet.

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