Center Console Boat Cover

boat coverFor many people owning a boat becomes a great achievement. Maintaining that boat in top condition can be an even bigger achievement since it involves a great deal of time and effort and constant attention. From the time you first buy your boat, you should consider how to protect it from the onslaughts of nature. The right boat cover will extend the life of your boat and reduce the amount of time you need to spend maintaining it.

Deciding on the Type of Boat Cover

If you need a center console boat cover the best design is one that will ensure total protection from all types of harm that nature can cause your boat. You need to consider rain, UV rays, moisture build-up, and dust/dirt/debris floating in the air, not to mention birds, insect pests and even would-be thieves. The boat cover you choose should ensure that your boat is protected from these events. You also need to consider wide variations of temperature, exposure to snow and wind laden with sand and other particles.

Stearns Boat Covers are manufacturers of excellent quality boat covers that come with an extended warranty. We recommend  the StormPro Boat Cover and the Hurricane Boat Cover.

UV ray protection: There will cause more long-term damage than the merciless sun beating down on your unprotected boat. Continuous exposure to sun will badly affect the upholstery, the hull and the console. A boat cover will ensure that the sun’s direct rays will not damage the boat when it is not being used.

Rain protection: Precipitation and moisture can be a great enemy of anything remaining stationary. The quality center console boat cover not only protects the boat from rain, it should be made from a breathable fabric that will allow the air to circulate and prevent moisture build up within the boat.

Debris protection: Dust can be another enemy that reduces the lifespan of the boat. If the boat is exposed to dust and pollutants when it is in storage, it can develop mold in a damp climate or develop scratches in a drier climate.

Theft protection: a good center console boat cover will ensure that your boat console is protected to a great extent against thieves. Of course, a cover is not designed to give full protection in this regard, but if fitted well, it can minimize the chance of theft.

A center console boat cover will provide protection against all that nature can throw at it and extend the life of your boat.


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